How Chef is Adding Culture to the Cloud

At Chef, our culture is key to our success. Our executives lead with compassion and transparency; our employees are passionate and understanding. Afterall, the secret of DevOps is that it’s always been about people. And our culture reinforces our business model in a positive cycle.

Last week we were honored to be named the No. 4 Best Private Cloud Company to work for (out of 50) on a new Glassdoor and Battery Ventures report.

Battery Ventures and Glassdoor studied cloud companies all over the United States — from sales and marketing companies to HR firms and vertical software and storage businesses — measuring employees’ levels of satisfaction at work and identifying which companies were generating the most excitement for their employees. You can read more about Chef and the other companies on the list in Fortune, CNBC and Business Insider.

Not only did we rank as one of the highest rated companies on the list, our CEO Barry Crist earned a 100% approval rating!

There is no shortage of opportunities in tech from here in Seattle and on down to the Valley. We never take for granted the fact that great developers, engineers, sales reps and creatives choose to come work with us every day. This is a huge honor we owe it all to our people.  – Chef CEO Barry Crist

Curious how we do it?

How Chef is adding culture to the cloud.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee