Adopt a Cookbook

At one point, you had this great idea for a cookbook. You built it, and you shared it with everyone on the Supermarket. You rock! But at some point later on maintaining that cookbook became something that you couldn’t do any more. Whether it was a lack of time, attention, or something else entirely, you were no longer able to maintain that cookbook. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. Today we’re announcing an easy and responsible way for you to pass maintainership to someone else.

We have added a new feature called adoption. If you are no longer able to keep up with maintaining a cookbook and would like to give another person a chance to take over a cookbook, you can put it up for adoption. This will create a button on your cookbook that will let folks send you a message that they are interested in adopting the cookbook.

How it works

The Manage Cookbook dropdown now has an option to put a cookbook up for adoption.


This will make an Adopt me! button appear on the cookbook page.


Once this button is clicked, the owner of the cookbook will get an email that looks something like:


Many thanks to the folks who attended the multiple sessions about the Supermarket at Chef Summits this year and participate by opening issues and pull requests. It is this valuable feedback that gives us insight into features like this.

Christopher Webber