All in Seattle Charitable Contributions

We recognize that our annual ChefConf event has a significant financial impact on the host community including the hotel, shops, restaurants, tourist destinations and small businesses that our guests enjoy during their visit. In 2020, that location was meant to be Seattle, and while the circumstances leading to the shift to digital were beyond our control, we still want to help provide relief to the people we most affected by moving online this year. 

That’s why for ChefConf Online we’re supporting All In Seattle, a local group quickly deploying resources directly to proven non-profits, who can deliver it to those most in need.

In these past few months, while we have all experienced levels of change and loss, the beauty of humanity has also come forward, bringing communities together in new and impactful ways. Stronger together, caring for one another and all of us, stepping forward to do our part. And together, we do amazing things.

All In Seattle quickly gained support from local business and philanthropy leaders who wanted to find the fastest way to get money into the hands of those who were most impacted by the pandemic and subsequent business closures and cancellations. At Chef, we lead with heart – it guides every decision we make for our team, our customers, and our communities –  and that’s why we are lending our support to All In Seattle and hope that you will do the same.

All of the organizations highlighted on the All in Seattle website are verified, established non-profits that are supporting the PNW communities with resources and monetary support. Donations are made directly to the organization of your choice. So whether you want to help the artists, the hospitality workers, the small businesses, those facing food or housing insecurity, those who need a little help with childcare or the healthcare teams on the front lines, you know that these are the organizations that are helping our neighbors in the Northwest when they need it most.

We hope you will join us in this effort by going to to donate and give a helping hand to our Seattle friends and neighbors as they come back from this crisis with heart, soul, and Seattle spirit. Learn more about the organizations here

Brian Goldfarb