All You Wanted to Know About Continuous Delivery (Almost): Webinar + Whitepaper

We’re seeing a large number of Chef users, whether open source, Hosted or Private, deploying, or beginning to investigate, continuous application delivery.

Continuous delivery follows the path set out by agile development with the goal of accelerating time-to-market, while reducing production risks. With customer demand steadily on the rise, we partnered with our friends at GigaOM Pro to provide some answers on what continuous delivery is and how to take advantage of this DevOps-driven approach to application delivery.

First up, a roundtable discussion featuring Chef creator and Opscode co-founder Adam Jacob. Entitled, “Continuous delivery: develop, deliver and deploy software on demand,” the webinar takes place at 10 am PT on Thur., 10/18, and you can register here. We hope you’ll join us for what will assuredly be a lively discussion.

In tandem with this webinar, GigaOM Pro and Opscode produced a pretty stellar (if we say so ourselves) whitepaper exploring the history, basic elements, tools, best practices and benefits of continuous delivery. You can download the paper, titled, “Continuous delivery and the world of devops,” for free here.

A little self-serving? Probably. But our primary goal here is to answer a growing wave of interest in continuous delivery with some education and insight and, hopefully, advance folks’ understanding of this powerful approach to application delivery.

Are you using, or looking to use, continuous delivery? Still undecided? Averse to it all? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee