Announcing Chef

I’m pleased to announce the release of Chef, a systems integration framework that brings the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

With Chef, you can:

  • Manage your servers by writing code, not by running commands. 
  • Integrate tightly with your applications, databases, LDAP directories, and more.
  • Easily configure applications that require knowledge about your entire infrastructure.

A work in progress

Chef is young – though it’s in production use in several places, and can already help you solve many real world problems. We have big ambitions for it, and we’ll be making lots of improvements. There are still rough edges, and we decided it was better to release early than release perfect – especially considering how much is already being done with Chef.

We’ll have more announcements in the coming weeks. Until then, please look take a look at the Chef wiki.

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Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor