Announcing Chef Cookbook Support in JFrog Artifactory

In partnership with JFrog, we are delighted to announce that Artifactory now supports Chef cookbooks as an artifact format. This functionality is available in Artifactory starting with version 5.1.

Chef cookbook support inside Artifactory is significant for a number of reasons. Many of our customers say that they already have an artifact store with Artifactory. They want to be able to not only mirror community cookbooks from the public Supermarket, but also store and share their own cookbooks privately. Artifactory provides a number of valuable features for such customers:

  • A single view over all cookbooks, public and private, within an organization, by using Artifactory’s built-in Virtual Repositories
  • Fine-grained access control to determine who can read and write certain cookbooks, backed optionally by a directory system like LDAP or Active Directory
  • Increased reliability through caching of cookbook artifacts, so that users can continue working even if the Supermarket or network connection is down
  • Sophisticated, advanced artifact management and de-duplication through Artifactory’s efficient, checksum-based storage

We invite you to try out this feature today. Check out JFrog’s companion product announcement or get started right away with the instructions for how to configure an Artifactory 5.1 installation for cookbook support. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Julian Dunn

Julian is a former Chef employee