Announcing the 2022 Chef Partner Award Winners and What’s to Come for ChefConf ‘23?

We are always looking for ways to acknowledge and give appreciation to our Chef Partners. As such, the Chef Partner Awards are our yearly recognition of our partners who continue to maintain strong relationships with common customers and the Chef community at-large.

And what better way to recognize them than during our premier event, ChefConf? This year, we narrowed it down to three unique awards and we have recognized the winners below. 

Categories of the Partner Awards:

Emerging Partner of the Year: Bluechip
Technology Partner of the Year: tecRacer
Public Sector Partner of the Year: TapHere!

Congratulations to all the winners! We are proud of your immeasurable contribution to the Chef community by delivering the DevOps and DevSecOps solutions enabling customers to digitally transform and provide software speed. We cannot thank you enough for your continued partnership with Chef and what you provide to our customers. 

2022 Emerging Partner of the Year:  Bluechip

This award recognizes partners for their commitment across technical, sales and marketing efforts to achieve high standards in DevSecOps solutions. Established in 2000, Bluechip Infotech focuses on delivering the latest IT products to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first class service. The key to Bluechip IT’s success is in our strategic implementation of the latest technology, broad access to IT channels, and markets-driven, highly motivated sales team. Thus, by guaranteeing a full comprehensive understanding of products and target markets, they are able to provide cost-effective solutions to partners. Bluechip and Progress have been partners for over 15 years with products focusing on MOVEit, Kemp and WhatsUp Gold.

Bluechip IT is trusted by over 5,000 reseller partners across Australia and New Zealand. The key to our success is our focus on establishing and developing strong, long-term relationships that help our partners accelerate their growth and deliver superior technology solutions to their customers.

2022 Technology Partner of the Year: tecRacer

This award recognizes partners that have a commitment to customer success and deliver innovative and impactful solutions to customers and the community. tecRacer was created in 1999 as the “iRacer”. Today, they have over 450 customers and 1,500 projects worldwide. tecRacer is a modern and agile company and considers equal cooperation is a prerequisite for a successful business with its customers.

tecRacer provides innovative, interesting, rare and promising solutions to its customers and partners.

tecRacer is one of the first companies in Europe to be able to set up Amazon Connect, and enable  their customers to be future ready by setting them up with serverless architecture.

2022 Public Sector Partner of the Year: TapHere!

This award recognizes partners for their skills and ability to deliver valuable customer solutions by innovating and building the right combination of Chef solutions. TapHere is a  ISO 9001 quality management system certified organisation from NSF. They design, build and support software solutions to meet Government and business objectives. The ISO 9001 Certification helps their customers with consistent, good quality products and services with a focus on performance and combination of risk-based thinking to achieve a process driven approach.

TapHere! Technology is also as certified with the System for Award Management — CAGE code 4VTY4 — and the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE).

Their solutions include DevSecOps and automation, data science and data analytics methodologies, cloud provisioning and migration.

Congratulations to all of our partners! As for ChefConf 2023?

While nothing is completely set in stone for next year’s conference, ChefConf ‘23 will be another event full of keynotes, breakout sessions and demos centered around DevOps. If you are interested in hearing about ChefConf, and any other upcoming events, sign up for our event updates.

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Manasa C R

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