Announcing the Winners of the Automate for Good Hackathon

Two months ago, we announced our Automate for Good virtual hackathon here at Chef.

Participants were tasked to create a project using any of Chef’s products to automate a manual process for good. This could be for the good of the DevOps community or for the good of humankind. There were no categories, no problem statements, no additional guidelines. We went as broad as possible with the requirements because we didn’t want to limit the creative process for participants. That said, we were blown away by the quality of these projects, and picking just 6 winners out of the 20+ submissions was quite the challenge for the judges.

After much deliberation, I’m excited to share that the final results are in!

First off, I’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our hackathon, and to  DevPost for teaming up with us to make it all happen. Whether or not your project made the final list, all participants who submitted a valid project will receive a swag pack which consists of a t-shirt, some cool stickers, and a Badgr badge. We will follow up with each winner about their prizes within the next week.

Without further ado, let’s start with honorable mentions:

Best Implementation:

Automating for Failures - Chaos Engineering with Chef by Astro A & Paras Patodi

Azure Compliance Checker using Chef InSpec & GitHub actions by Ambily KK

In addition to the Submitter Swag Pack, each of these teams will receive an iPad Pro to share amongst themselves.

Most Promising Idea:

PiChef by qbik Pawłowski

1Push by Dhruv Kanojia

Stylelia by Jason Field & Artur Kondas

Kitchen UI by Mehul Kumar Nirala

In addition to the Submitter Swag Pack, each of these teams will receive a PS5 to share amongst themselves.

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

The $5,000 3rd Prize winner:

Automating Data Analytics Environments by Marcelo Zambrana

The $10,000 2nd Prize winner:

Autoscaling JupyterHub by Dustin Wilson

The $15,000 Grand Prize winner:

Generic REST Resource Support for Chef - eg for NetApp ONTAP by Thomas Heinen

Truly great work, everyone. Congratulations!


Kiah Tolliver

Kiah Tolliver was the Developer Advocate at Chef.