Atlanta OpenStack Summit and knife-openstack 0.10

We’re very excited to be at the OpenStack Summit this week in Atlanta, there’s a whole lot going on. On Wednesday we’ll be sharing booth E14 (next to the demo theater) with our friends at Blue Box, stop by, get some swag and say “hi”! There are a tremendous number of interesting sessions on the calendar, be sure to join us:

We’re also excited to announce a new release of knife-openstack (0.10), with many community-provided bug fixes and new features like:

    • Ability to add metadata during server create
    • Support for availability zones
    • knife openstack network list
    • Specifying network IDs to attach and bootstrap
    • Support for working with names instead of IDs for flavors, images, networks and servers.

More details may be found in the CHANGELOG.

Thanks again to all of our OpenStack community members, look forward to seeing you this week!

Justin Fenton

Former Chef Employee