Attending Velocity and/or DevOpsDays? We’ve added a special workshop day… Sign up now!

We’ve added a special Chef Full Day Workshop on Thursday, June 28 at the Hyatt Santa Clara. This is the day after VelocityConf ends and co-incides with the first day of DevOpsDays.

This Chef 101 Workshop is a hands on training class for getting familiar with Chef for performing common automation tasks. In this workshop, we will cover:

  1. Set up a local workstation with Chef and connect to a Chef Server.
  2. Use Chef to automate installation of a Nagios server as a real world example.
  3. Automate other common system tasks with Chef, including:
    • User management and sudo permissions
    • NTP, including a local NTP server
    • SMTP relaying with postfix

Each exercise will be instructor-led, and introduce new Chef concepts along the way. We’ll cover the Anatomy of a Chef Run, Chef’s Authentication Cycle, how to build roles, manipulate configuration through data in attributes, use Chef’s search API for dynamic configuration, and more.

Seating is limited.  Sign up here or using the form below:

Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor