Nick Rycar

Nick is a Technical Product Marketing Manager working out of Chef HQ in Seattle. When he's not busy preparing product demos, he's torturing his colleagues with terrible puns and needlessly esoteric pop-culture trivia. Mostly he's just another confused New York transplant in the Pacific Northwest.

IHG’s Strategy for Delivering Change at Velocity with Chef Automate

Automation Drives Velocity The world has changed, and with it so too has the way we do business. We now can manage nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives from our phones. Therefore, convenience has become the currency companies use to attract customers.

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Purposeful Patching with Chef Automate

As the environments we manage grow, so too does the potential risk to our systems as new vulnerabilities and exploits seem to crop up on a regular basis. As such, a question folks frequently ask is, “how can I use Chef to apply patches to the systems I manage?

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Continuous Automation at Texas A&M University

Velocity increasingly drives the modern IT landscape. The convenience of being able to control nearly every aspect of our lives from the phones in our pockets brings with it an expectation that the companies and services we patronize and depend on evolve to meet our needs at breakneck speed.

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Automating Cloud Migration and Modernizing Legacy Applications at Verisk Analytics

Verisk Analytics is a leading data analytics organization and a Chef customer. Eric Schneider, Verisk’s CTO, currently has his team focused on executing a cloud migration strategy and modernizing legacy applications. Eric recently sat down with us to discuss how Chef is helping them execute on those objectives, and how Verisk’s implementation has evolved over time.

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Building an automated and compliant cloud environment with Chef & CTP

Cloud Technology Partners is a Chef Professional Services Partner with expertise in regulatory compliance for cloud. They have been an amazing partner for Chef, working with our shared customers to ensure they are successful in executing on their respective goals.

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Detect & Correct with Chef Automate and the Audit Cookbook

The recent launch of Chef Automate 1.5 brought with it the GA release of a new Compliance view to the Chef Automate UI. This update brings with it some new detailed compliance reporting dashboards, as well as a means to easily install and manage InSpec Profiles without needing to deploy a separate Compliance Server.

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Set up a Patch Management System Using Chef Automate

How does Chef handle patch management? The short answer is: it depends. For some organizations, patch management is simply a matter of running vendor-recommended updates on a fairly regular interval, while having the flexibility to install on-demand updates as vulnerabilities like 0-days require.

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