Automating Financial Service IT Configuration and Compliance

We here at Chef believe that taking a “Everything-as-Code” approach will help Financial Service organizations to automate the configuration, automate the security or compliance of environments and automate the distribution of applications into heterogeneous environments. 

  • Infrastructure-as-Code: is where Financial Services can automate the process of managing, provisioning and deploying necessary infrastructure resources. 
  • Compliance-as-Code: is where Financial Service organizations can gain greater visibility, and control over the detection, correction and automation of security and compliance policies as code. 
  • AppDelivery-as-code: is where Financial Services gain the ability to create application packages that can be consumed by any pipeline and run in any environment. 

With financial services organizations being subject to so many regulations, managing compliance is a complex and dynamic process with a lot of moving parts. Between the myriad of international, federal, state, and local laws, industry-specific regulations, and company-specific requirements, achieving compliance in a robust financial regulatory environment can be challenging. 

Chef has helped financial service institutions by delivering consistent and scalable ways to maintain and enforce compliance across their organizations. This is especially true when it comes to time-consuming and inefficient audits that divert valuable engineering resources. 

With Chef Compliance can help Financial Services organizations maintain complete visibility over the compliance stage of their estate, with extensible audit content that is based on CIS and STIG benchmarks. Chef Compliance also helps Financial Services organizations close the loop between audit and remediation to enable continuous compliance.  

What next?  You can…. 

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  • Watch a video how a FinTech company has levered Chef to automate their configuration and compliance management
  • Visit our Resources webpage and download the white papers outlining how to use Chef to meet and remain PCI-DSS or FFIEC compliant.

Alan Baptista

Alan is a Product Marketing Director at Chef, working remotely from Southern California. His career of over 20 years has been in product marketing, sales operations and international business roles for enterprise software, telecommunications and government space at organizations such as CA Technologies, Experian, InterVoice and US Commerce Department. When not helping customers tell their success stories he enjoys traveling and exploring Sous-Vide cooking and BGE Grilling.