Automating the Network w/Chef + Plexxi – Demo on 9/13

Today, our friends at Plexxi, who created the networking industry’s first affinity-driven networking solution, today announced they’ve integrated their SDN-based switching solution with Opscode Enterprise Chef™, making it easier to set up servers and deploy applications in the data center.

With Plexxi and Enterprise Chef, users can provision their applications and the supporting network with a single action – all via the server. Once the user configures the application, the network is automatically optimized without additional administrative load.

Pretty cool, right?

From a technical integration standpoint, the basic upshot is that Plexxi’s Data Services Engine, a data platform that resides on Plexxi’s controller, can now communicate directly with Chef via the API, allowing the Plexxi Control to take the appropriate action on the networking side when Chef provisions new nodes.

To see this awesomeness in action, tune in this Fri., 9/13, for a live demo with Plexxi’s Derick Winkworth (Senior Product Manager) and our own Christopher Brown detailing:

– Using Chef recipes based on roles

– Automatic gathering of Chef managed hosts based on roles

– Using roles to define affinity groups and attributes

– Tracing of node addition and propagation into Plexxi Control

– Installation steps when integrating Plexxi with Chef

– Automated workflow across compute and networking

– How to extend this integration yourself

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee