Awesome Chefs: Schuberg Philis Delivers Mission-Critical IT Services with Opscode

Dutch IT Outsourcing Leader Deploys Opscode Enterprise Chef™ to Automate Configuration of Entire Hybrid Cloud Application Stack, from Compute, Network and Storage Infrastructure to Application Delivery

Combination of CloudStack Compute Servers, NexentaStor ZFS-based Storage, and Enterprise Chef Enables Schuberg Philis to Guarantee Its Customers 100 Percent Functional Uptime on Mission-Critical Application Infrastructures

SEATTLE – August 19, 2013 – Opscode®, the foundation for the coded business, today announced that Schuberg Philis, a Netherlands-based leader in IT outsourcing, is automating the entire application stack for its sophisticated hybrid cloud with Opscode Enterprise Chef™. Using Enterprise Chef, Schuberg Philis has automated configuration management of CloudStack compute services and NexentaStor ZFS-based storage as well as application delivery across a large-scale hybrid cloud infrastructure, delivering 100 percent functional uptime for its customers’ mission-critical application infrastructures.

“Obviously ensuring 100 percent functional uptime for our customers’ business critical application infrastructures is essential to maintain our 100 percent customer satisfaction,” said Funs Kessen, Mission Critical Engineer, Schuberg Philis. “With the commoditization of infrastructure and scalability of the cloud, adopting a holistic coded approach does not only makes sense today, it also sets us up to ride these trends far into the future. To ensure this level of control over the entire chain, Schuberg Philis keeps investing in developing strong relationships. We know them personally and have in-depth knowledge of their solutions. Building on this strong fundament, we can help customers to develop their future business models. Through smarter utilization and integration of existing applications, as well as selecting the right new applications and platforms.”

Schuberg Philis provides innovative outsourcing services, focusing on mission critical application infrastructures that its customers rely on 24x7x365. By combining CloudStack-based resources, Nicira SDN and NexentaStor ZFS-based software-defined storage, Schuberg Philis offers its customers a unique, highly flexible hybrid cloud that delivers maximum flexibility and availability. In order to guarantee 100 percent functional uptime for its customers’ application landscapes, Schuberg Philis deployed Enterprise Chef across its entire hybrid cloud to deploy infrastructure and applications as code, improving system repeatability and scalability, while eliminating risk of human error.

“Enterprise Chef gives us a blueprint to automate everything, from physical and virtual boxes, Arista switches, CloudStack and Nexenta instances, to full applications,” said Brenn Oosterbaan, Mission Critical Engineer, Schuberg Philis. “Enterprise Chef’s multi-tenancy means we can easily dedicate and manage resources for specific customers. Chef’s capabilities combined with Jenkins ensure what we’ve automated runs smoothly for customers day and night.”

Working with Opscode and Nexenta, Schuberg Philis has created and open sourced Chef Cookbooks for automating the management of CloudStack servers and NexentaStor ZFS-based storage resources using Knife API plug-ins for API communication with these core infrastructure components. Now, Schuberg Philis can manage storage configuration and compute resources via a single automation platform, accelerating resource provisioning, improving system visibility and resiliency, streamlining management, and reducing risk for its customers’ mission-critical ecosystems. In addition, Enterprise Chef’s multi-tenancy gives Schuberg Philis the flexibility to manage compute, storage, application and monitoring resources for specific customers, providing dedicated mission-critical application landscapes.

“Schuberg Philis has taken a seriously forward-looking approach to managed IT services. By abstracting its entire offering away from hardware, they’ve eliminated the two primary limitations of physical resources – scalability and reliability,” said Adam Jacob, Chief Customer Office, Opscode. “By extending Enterprise Chef’s capabilities as the engine for automating their hybrid cloud, Schuberg Philis takes 100 percent responsibility for the transparent integration and management of the entire mission critical ecosystem.”

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee