Awesome Chefs – Sonian Takes Archive & Search to the Cloud w/Opscode

Good news this morning, as we announced that Sonian, the pioneer in cloud-powered email archiving and search, has deployed Opscode Hosted Chef™. Sonian is using Hosted Chef to automate configuration, environment and application management across the multiple cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers powering the company’s innovative archive and search service.

Sonian’s cloud-powered information archiving platform enables 11,000 customers to address their eDiscovery needs, achieve regulatory compliance, and reduce IT costs. The service is powered by a cloud infrastructure integrating multiple cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. Using Hosted Chef to automate its multiple cloud deployments, Sonian can manage all its IaaS instances from a single point of view, providing maximum system visibility and control. Leveraging Chef Community cookbooks for Windows and Linux, Sonian created a code-based blueprint for managing its infrastructure, automating everything from basic configuration to sophisticated application deployment.

Here’s what Pete Zimmerman, VP of Service and Operations at Sonian, had to say:

“Our infrastructure is fluid, so we needed an automation solution that was super flexible and easy to learn. Hosted Chef is both. It easily plugs into any cloud API, then automates everything up the stack, making our service faster, better and rock-solid.”

This is yet another example of innovative companies being able to do even more by automating with Chef. For detailed information on how Sonian uses Hosted Chef, please read the full case study here.

New to Chef? Get up and running in a jiffy with #learnchef.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee