Chef 0.8.16 and Ohai 0.5.4 Release

It’s Chef release time again! Today we bring you 0.8.16, which fixes bugs we’d missed in 0.8.14. Akzhan Abdulin is your MVP for fixing a bug in cookbook display in the Web UI. Thanks, Akzhan! Honorable mention goes to Pierre Riteau for spotting a bug in setting file modes, ownership, and group ownership on files rendered from template, and tracking it down to the root cause.

Also in this release, we’ve fixed a bug where IRB would try to parse shef’s command line options, and made rspec and cucumber optional when installing chef from source. It should be much easier to ride the edge, if you so choose.

We are also releasing Ohai 0.5.4. We were so busy getting our last release out the door that we didn’t take time to announce all of the improvements in Ohai 0.5.2, so I’m going to talk about the improvements in both releases. The MVP for this release is VMware’s Doug MacEachern, who has added support for the AIX and HP-UX platforms, the Mono and Groovy languages, fixed the entire spec suite for failures on Windows, and added a plugin to list the names and pids of processes listening for network connections. Impressive.

Also in this release, Jonathan Tron updated our platform detection to handle distributions that do not include the patch level in the distribution name.

James Sanders fixed an issue where ohai would return a bad value for the default interface on hosts with multiple default gateways.

The irrepressible Matthew Kent fixed an issue where a file in lib/ had an incorrect file mode, and also contributed a patch to make ohai work correctly when running in an application that has lowered its permissions after starting.

Benjamin Black contributed a tasty fix to our Rackspace cloud detection, so Ohai can now detect that it’s running on the Rackspace Cloud, even when the telltale MAC addresses are not in the ARP cache.

Not letting a release pass without making his mark, Tollef Fog Heen added chef and ohai plugins to ohai. How meta! In all seriousness, this will let you search for chef clients by the version of chef they’re running with something like knife search node 'chef_version:0.8.16'. Super cool.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s contributed to the Chef community whether through code, helping out in IRC, or filing bug reports. You guys make Chef awesome.

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.8.16


  • [CHEF-1194] – WebUI – show of cookbook fails
  • [CHEF-1196] – Commit bc411a1ded418a385af23bbec7d1cc6b013cb08b breaks template owner setting
  • [CHEF-1204] – Mixlib CLI update breaks shef
  • [CHEF-1207] – Leftover debug output in chef-solo
  • [CHEF-1208] – CHEF-1207 breaks chef-client


  • [CHEF-878] – Put guards in require()s in the Rakefile so gems can be built w/o dev dependencies installed

Release Notes – Ohai – Version 0.5.4


  • [OHAI-105] – rake spec not working on Windows
  • [OHAI-173] – Ohai 0.5.0 fails on Windows (tested on 2003 and Vista)
  • [OHAI-185] – Specs fail on all platforms other than darwin
  • [OHAI-187] – Ohai plugin breaks shef
  • [OHAI-190] – Chef plugin for ohai uses the same namespace as the chef attributes

New Feature

  • [OHAI-164] – AIX and HP-UX support via generic SIGAR plugin

Release Notes – Ohai – Version 0.5.2


  • [OHAI-146] – Suse Enterprise Linux (SLES11) identifies like ‘linux’, not ‘suse’
  • [OHAI-170] – Rackspace cloud detection fails on machines with strictly intracloud traffic
  • [OHAI-171] – executable script-without-shebang
  • [OHAI-174] – ohai problems with dropping privileges
  • [OHAI-178] – Ohai fails to run when there is no PATH env variable
  • [OHAI-181] – default_interface set incorrectly when two interfaces have destination in routing table, causing blank ipaddress.


  • [OHAI-169] – include doc/ in gem
  • [OHAI-180] – Windows plugin should match mingw32 and windows in addition to mswin in the kernel and os plugin

New Feature

  • [OHAI-159] – languages::php plugin
  • [OHAI-160] – languages::lua plugin
  • [OHAI-161] – languages::mono plugin
  • [OHAI-162] – languages::groovy plugin
  • [OHAI-163] – network::listeners plugin
  • [OHAI-179] – Should provide versions for Chef and Ohai

Dan DeLeo