Chef 0.9.6 Released

Chef 0.9.6 Released

Hot on the heels of 0.9.4, I’m happy to announce the release of Chef 0.9.6. Chef 0.9.6 fixes some bugs we introduced when we cleaned up our file loading code in 0.9.2, which caused `shef` to crash on start. This release also fixes an issue with the Opscode Platform where committing a finished cookbook upload would occasionally fail with a 400 “Bad Request” response. This issue occurred when there was a longer than normal delay between when a file was uploaded to S3 and the file showing up in S3’s index. We’ve increased the number of times knife will attempt to retry the upload, which should allow enough time for S3’s index to catch up.

See you at 0.9.8!

Release Notes – Chef – Version 0.9.6


  • [CHEF-1404] – Shef no longer gets chef/recipe pulled in with its other requires, causing it to crash on start
  • [CHEF-1410] – chef-solo does not always set Chef::Config[:solo] to true, Chef::Application::Solo should require ‘chef’


  • [CHEF-1411] – knife cookbook upload should be more resilient to 400’s from the sandboxes controlled caused by S3 index inconsistency

Dan DeLeo