Chef 0.9 EOL

As of June 11, 2012, we are officially ending support for the 0.9 series of Chef and we are encouraging all Chef 0.9 users to upgrade to Chef 0.10.

Chef 0.10.0 was released on May 2, 2011. At the time, we planned to support Chef 0.9 for an additional three to six months. I’m very happy that we were able to exceed that goal and support Chef 0.9 for a full year past the release of Chef 0.10. Now it’s time for us to focus our resources on developing the next version of Chef and delivering performance improvements that will benefit all Chef users, and ending support for Chef 0.9 will help us bring you these improvements quickly.

What This Means to You

Hosted Chef Users

The vast majority of Opscode Hosted Chef users have already upgraded to Chef 0.10; if you’ve upgraded, you can keep using Hosted Chef without interruption.

If you’re still on 0.9, however, you should plan to upgrade to Chef 0.10 as soon as possible. If you need any help with this process, don’t hesitate to contact support, and we’ll be happy to assist you. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at Hosted Chef usage and reaching out to you to make sure you’re prepared.

On or after June 11th, we’ll deploy a change to Hosted Chef that will disable all access to Hosted Chef for 0.9 clients, so you will want to make sure you’ve upgraded before then.

Open Source Users

Both the 0.9 client and server components will stop receiving security updates after June 11th. If a critical security issue is found after that date, the fix will only be released for Chef 0.10. If you wish to keep using Chef 0.9, you will be responsible for tracking security updates to Chef and applying any necessary patches.

You can find full upgrade instructions on the Chef wiki


If you develop an application or library that talks to the Chef API, make sure that your code sets the version header to at least “0.10.0” and uses the Chef 0.10 API endpoints. Feel free to start a discussion on the chef-dev mailing list if you need help with this.

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