Chef 10.28.0 Released

Hello Chefs, we’re happy to announce the release of Chef 10.28.0 today.
This minor release backports a few features from Chef 11.6 and includes
some important bug fixes as well.


Jeff Blaine
has been one of our most active community members for a while now,
contributing to countless cookbooks, documentation fixes, and Chef
patches and being helpful on the mailing list. In this release, Jeff
fixed knife’s bootstrap script to work correctly on Solaris. Thanks,

Patch Highlights

This release includes the lazy attribute evaluation feature that was
included in Chef 11.6. This feature makes it easier to handle highly
dynamic use cases where configuration data isn’t available until Chef’s
converge phase. You can read more about this feature in the
docs for 11.6

Other highlights:

  • CHEF-3985: A memory
    leak (specific to the 10.x releases) relating to LWRPs is fixed. This
    issue was similar to CHEF-3432, but only affected Chef 10.x releases.
  • CHEF-3950: Ruby and
    Rubygems 2.0 support. The Omnibus packages
    still ship with Ruby 1.9.3, but users intalling Chef or Knife from
    Rubygems can now use Chef with Ruby 2.0.
  • CHEF-3045: Eager load
    option for cookbook files and templates. Occasionally, very long
    running chef-client runs will fail when fetching a file with an expired
    download link. You can now optionally instruct Chef to eagerly fetch all
    cookbook files and templates by setting no_lazy_load true in your
    client.rb file.

The full list of updates is below.

Updated Libraries (in Omnibus Packaging)

The omnibus packages of Chef 10.28.0 include Ohai 6.18.0. The release
announcement for Ohai 6.18.0 is included with the Chef 11.6.0 release announcement.

Full Patch List


  • [CHEF-3045] – Chef errors out with 403 when retrieving cookbook_file, template resources on a very long Chef run
  • [CHEF-3442] – Portage package provider souldn't raise an error "Multiple packages found for …" when the category is specified.
  • [CHEF-3471] – knife bootstrap of a Solaris 10 host is an immediate failure
  • [CHEF-3521] – Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
  • [CHEF-3685] – rspec tests fail because chef-10.16.2.gem does not contain .dotfile
  • [CHEF-3705] – rspec tests for chef-server-api-10.16.2.gem fail: Permission denied – /var/chef
  • [CHEF-3731] – Delayed attribute evaluation
  • [CHEF-3950] – Gem Package provider incompatible with rubygems 2.0 for Chef 10
  • [CHEF-3985] – LWRP usage causes memory leak in Chef 10.x
  • [CHEF-4314] – atomic gem doesn't compile on sparc and older 32bit redhat
  • [CHEF-4342] – TravisCI build exceeds 10000 lines
  • [CHEF-4344] – Fix typo in spec


  • [CHEF-3749] – Use HTTPS to download the Omnibus installer
  • [CHEF-4378] – Add Travis CI
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