Chef 11.4.4 and Chef 10.24.4 Released

Chef 11.4.4 and 10.24.4 Released

We’ve released Chef 11.4.4 and 10.24.4 to fix some bugs introduced in
the previous release:

  • CHEF-3432: Chef client
    was keeping references to “stale” LWRP classes, which caused a memory
    leak when running Chef as a daemon without the --fork option.
  • CHEF-4117: The patch
    for CHEF-3432 would cause Chef to fail if there was a constant defined
    on Object with the same name as a LWRP resource.

Chef 11.4.4 also contains the following patch, which was already
released for Chef 10.x:

  • CHEF-3367: Chef client
    would delete its pid file when run as a daemon with the --fork option.
    When using the chef-client cookbook to manage chef-client and running
    chef under a standard SysV style init system, this would cause the init
    script to start a new chef-client on each chef run.

To download the omnibus packages, head over to the downloads

Package Checksums

For rubygem packages, the checksums are as follows:


c929e25043c551901bb5ae12518da2c8425291992caa3b0118233fa64f563990  chef-11.4.4.gem
9f02f55f0df274b928d19ad14c44fcf5f21c356f455d55889dc421fb23cbde34  chef-10.24.4.gem
c6cc88c15c816271cc8b0ea0446f5b900b250a55ed75e67b298d9f5fe5e3c4e7  chef-expander-10.24.4.gem
f8a380de092451be3095c7f7436551b722b4cc2f7b121a2873116a601da180be  chef-server-10.24.4.gem
74fb9b28ee744218cce8cfb1a2cddafc7581ce0f7927ba151245e6a37c7a49ef  chef-server-api-10.24.4.gem
def8750626962bf9c071911524cc305a924892b756ff3592d9efa88b2f4eaebb  chef-server-webui-10.24.4.gem
00c530254e36d32672e3af1950ece9b142f51f6b3ed4a7741df8836e150ae10e  chef-solr-10.24.4.gem


MD5 (chef-11.4.4.gem) = dc50aa6a4a7d4785a4c82fcaab3f9436
MD5 (chef-10.24.4.gem) = f35ad7c477e065662d12d28f87a702c2
MD5 (chef-expander-10.24.4.gem) = 9505583d5ccc7d19c3c5e67e05255a88
MD5 (chef-server-10.24.4.gem) = 5e02d3841507422cb3e6d7b31fcaa85a
MD5 (chef-server-api-10.24.4.gem) = a861b8bb8268be585daf4b5abe7d41c8
MD5 (chef-server-webui-10.24.4.gem) = 0d865422f8bd86a8eb8741f1f5438258
MD5 (chef-solr-10.24.4.gem) = dab6229bdeabd9f096b24cf2490179ed

Omnibus Package Checksums

To obtain checksums for omnibus packages, you may use the metadata API.
For Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, for example:

$ curl ''                 

md5 6df945506d067b60fede84846e78529f
sha256  c3c6f5302752e44cb9c88666646f91c825668f4fb9b5333233524c98cb29ad07

Chef 10.26.0 Beta Released

In addition to the two patch releases above, we’ve released a beta of
Chef 10.26.0. This contains a handful of bug fixes, and we hope you’ll
give us a hand testing it.

Obtaining Omnibus Prerelease Packages

You can use the aforementioned metadata API to obtain a link and

curl '' 

For a direct download, use the download api:

curl -L '' > beta-pkg.deb

Obtaining Prerelease Gems

To get prerelease gems, you need to run gem install with the -v and
--pre options:

gem install chef -v "~> 10.0" --pre

Dan DeLeo