Update: Chef 12.4.3 Released

Update: We’ve just released 12.4.3, which fixes a couple of 12.4.2 regressions on Windows:

  • The Windows chef installer was much bigger than 12.4.1 (it’s back down under 80MB).
  • chef-client raised an error when run as a Windows service (bug)

Details on the original release (12.4.2) below:

We’ve just released Chef 12.4.2, a minor update with some packaging-related fixes.

  1. Support for installation via RPM 5 on Enterprise Linux. (PR)
  2. OS/X and Windows gem install and bundle install bugfix: rubygems and bundler have both been upgraded, and will now correctly pull in the latest ‘universal’ version of a platform-specific gem on Windows and OS/X instead of searching for earlier Windows- or OS/X-specific versions.
  3. Chef itself will now resolve to 12.4.2 instead of 12.3.0 when `bundle install` or `gem install` is run on a gem with Chef as a dependency. (PR)

Additionally, Chef 12.4.2 is already tested on OS X 10.11, “El Capitan.”

You can get it here.

You should see no changed behavior from 12.4.1, excepting potential bugfixes from dependencies which have been upgraded.

John Keiser

John is a Principal Mad Scientist at Chef, has contributed code that will be worked around for years to nearly every piece of software Chef ships. Specific credits include chef-zero, chef-provisioning, and the ChefFS tools (knife diff, upload, and download).