Chef and CloudBees Deliver Continuous Delivery Traceability for Jenkins

The good folks over at CloudBees have been working with us over the past few months on a pretty cool project – enhancing Jenkins traceability. The enhancement gives developer and operations personnel the ability to use Jenkins for the first time to trace application code changes from development through to deployment, and into production.

The new integration provides DevOps teams with complete traceability. DevOps personnel can now use Jenkins together with Chef to trace not only which version of a change is running and where it is running, but also when it was deployed and what tests were run against it. All of this can occur even in complex and asynchronous environments. This added traceability allows further process automation and extends continuous delivery even further than before.

Here’s what our own Adam Jacob had to say about the integration:

“Giving users of both Jenkins and Chef Software this added capability will help them do a better job developing applications and making updates to them quickly, efficiently and error-free. Jenkins already has proven to be an indispensable resource for the DevOps community – and this move by CloudBees to provide complete traceability and visibility of artifacts throughout the complete delivery process just raises the bar another notch.”

You can get the Chef Software plugin for Jenkins here:

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee