Chef at the 2015 Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Summit
Please join Chef this week in Boston at the 2015 Red Hat Summit! This is your chance to learn more about Red Hat’s plans for not just Red Hat Enterprise Linux but the many other open source products they work on and provide.

Chef supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux across all of our client, developer and server products. While we currently support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, and 7 on x86, we will be adding support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 on POWER very soon (contact [email protected] for early access). We also work with their OpenStack offerings and are looking into their newer offerings like OpenShift and ManageIQ.

We recently did a cookbook to kick the tires on Red Hat’s new Project Atomic, a container-based application and services deployment operating system. The cookbook provisions virtual Atomic hosts on top of CentOS 7, deploying the Docker registry, Flannel virtual networking, etcd for service registry, and Kubernetes for cluster management. Stop by the booth and we’d love to show it in action and talk about how the cookbook and Project Atomic work.

We’ll be in booth 1101 and we’re getting started at the Welcome Reception Tuesday night and handing out swag. We’ll be there all week and we’re looking forward to talking about Chef, Red Hat, and anything else you want to discuss.

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Matt Ray

Matt is Chef's Manager/Solutions Architect for APAC. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. He's been with Chef for 6 years in a wide variety of roles including Director of Partner Integration most recently.