Chef Bootcamps @ AWS Pop-Up Loft

A couple weeks ago we teamed with our friends at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the reopening of the AWS Pop-Up Loft. The Loft offers us a unique opportunity to connect with and support any and everyone looking to make the most of Chef and AWS.

Now, we’re happy to announce The Loft is officially open! Even better, as part of our work at The Loft, we’re offering “Chef Bootcamp: A taste of Chef on AWS” on November 3, 5, and 7. Our own George Miranda will lead the training sessions, which will give you a hands-on introduction to Chef, with a specific focus on EC2 integration. Here’s the 411:

Participants will interact with a Chef Server, upload cookbooks, and apply recipes to new EC2 instances managed by Chef in a few simple steps.  Participants in this course should have basic command line experience, know how to use a text editor, and have a general understanding of web application architecture or familiarity managing AWS infrastructure.  This course is intended to answer common questions about managing AWS infrastructure within the Chef framework and guide students through basic deployment scenarios.

You can learn more about The Loft and register for a Chef Bootcamp here. We hope to see you there!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee