Chef Client Repo Force Push to Master – Post Mortem

Ohai Chefs!

On November 19th a Chef branch was accidentally force pushed to master on Github, causing existing pull requests to include unnecessary diffs. We discovered the issue, rolled the git tree back to the correct state, and applied the commits which were originally meant to be included.

Because this has occurred before we want to hold a post mortem to generate action items to prevent it from happening again. And because this interfered with public repo commits and pull requests we are going to hold it publically.

I will use a Google Hangout On Air to facilitate the meeting. It allows unlimited viewers on Youtube but only 15 active participants. Because of this, please only join the Participant link below if you would like to speak. Any number of viewers are invited to join!

December 1st, 2014

2pm – 3pm PST


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