Chef Community Engineering – 2016 – A Year in Review

Sure, it’s a little late for a retrospective on 2016 but, as they say, better late than never!

Here’s a look back at some of the amazing things the Chef Community Engineering team helped deliver in 2016.


The Chef Supermarket is here to make it easy to be successful with Chef through sharing the successes of a community of practitioners.  Use the public Supermarket to collaborate with the community or install your own private Supermarket and collaborate with your co-workers.


Cookbook Engineering

The cookbook engineering team is responsible for managing and modernizing the Chef-managed cookbooks that are published to the Supermarket.  These cookbooks serve as a guide for some good practices for developing cookbooks and help automate common infrastructure components.


Open Source Projects

Chef is based on open-source software and a thriving community of contributors is important to the continued success of the project.  Lots of PRs were merged and there was at least one release per week across a number of different tools in the ecosystem, InSpec, test-kitchen, ChefSpec, foodcritic, and the like.


Come together!

As a community we gather online and in-person.  We closed out 2016 with healthy conversations and a growing number of participants in both slack and our mailing list.



2016 saw the launch of Habitat and the beginnings of an awesome community.

The team was very busy last year and is off to a great start this year as well.  We are looking forward to seeing you online, at an upcoming event, and at ChefConf!


Nathen Harvey

As the VP of Community Development at Chef, Nathen helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef framework. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Web-scale IT. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a number of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps.