Chef Compliance 0.16.19 Release


Chef Compliance 0.16.9 is now available from the Chef downloads site. This is a minor release update which is recommended for all users of Chef Compliance. Here are the enhancements and bug fixes included in this release:


  • Show entire stack trace on connectivity errors
  • Report security patches for Ubuntu
  • In reports, show each failed test indented and on a different line
  • Remove external CSS dependencies
  • Use InSpec 0.16.1, which provides resources for `wmi`, `powershell`, `vbscript`, and testing `GET` calls, along with many bug fixes.

Fixed bugs:

  • RHEL CIS profile: use `be_mode` instead of `be_readable` and `be_writeable`
  • Hide capabilities not supported yet by the server(i.e. patch, hardening)
  • Sometimes, screen splits in multiple views after looking at a scheduled job
  • Team permissions are now saved correctly
  • Environment name double quoted in node view and connectivity result

Upgrade instructions for Chef Compliance are found here.

Alex Pop

Former Chef Employee