Chef Compliance 0.9.5 Release

Chef Compliance 0.9.5 is now available from the Chef downloads site. This is a minor release update which is recommended for all users for Chef Compliance.


  • Bulk add or remove nodes in the UI. Paste a list of IPs or hostnames which are comma- or space-separated and have them quickly added.
  • API now offers bulk add/remove and edit operations, to modify large environments with just one API request.
  • Improved UI design for configuring node SSH access and sudo configuration, so that users don’t accidentally use the wrong field for passwords. Passwords for sudo are now located below the SSH configuration.
  • Print view for Compliance Reports has been improved.


  • Nodes can be scanned with SSH + Password login again.
  • Compliance profiles can now be uploaded without the deprecated vmetadata.rb configuration file.
  • Uploading a compliance profile now works, even if file permissions on the systems don’t match expectations.
  • Deleting individual nodes in the UI has been fixed.
  • Silent login token hijacking has been fixed.

Dominik Richter

Dominik is an Engineering Manager on the Core Engineering team at Chef.