Chef Delivers DevOps Automation for VMware vCloud Air

Today we announced interoperability with VMware vCloud Air, helping create a DevOps workflow that accelerates software and service delivery. Chef provides a single platform for automating heterogeneous systems in both virtualized and hybrid cloud environments. By delivering interoperability with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air, Chef will enable VMware customers to more easily manage data center workloads and streamline migrations to the cloud.

Read on for the details of our new capabilities for VMware vCloud Air…

–        True Hybrid Cloud Automation: Chef seamlessly integrates with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air, enabling developers to easily automate infrastructure and applications across virtual data center and hybrid cloud environments. By combining Chef with VMware vCloud Air, VMware customers can create a continuous delivery workflow that accelerates application development within a unified infrastructure.

–        Chef Content for VMware vCloud Air: Chef also today announced a new knife plugin for automating VMware vCloud Air environments, enabling VMware customers and the wider Chef community with rock-solid code for automating the provisioning and management of compute resources and applications in VMware’s hybrid cloud service.

Ajay Patel, VMware’s vice president of application services, commented:

“Chef has played a critical role in the DevOps movement by delivering ‘infrastructure as code.’ Chef provides robust automation for the hybrid cloud through workload management and movement between VMware vSphere-based private clouds, and VMware vCloud Air. As a result, development and IT operations teams are able accelerate the development process on top of the enterprise platform they already trust for their most mission-critical applications, with the added ability to securely leverage public cloud resources on-demand.”

At VMworld 2014, Chef and VMware delivered a joint demonstration of Chef’s ability to automate the management and migration of enterprise workloads in VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air hybrid cloud environments.

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