Chef Expands into Drone Delivery Market with Exciting New DevOps in a Box Product

As software defines the products and experience companies offer their customers, Chef has had a front-row seat influencing how companies have had to change. Companies had to learn to become software companies. When Adam Jacob wrote Chef, he created a framework for this transition. For nine years, Chef has helped developers work with operations, automating how they develop and deploy applications, and make necessary changes to infrastructure — something we call DevOps. But like any forward-leaning company, we have our eyes on the future.

For years, companies around the globe have been asking us to simplify DevOps and make it more accessible. DevOps is an important cultural movement which should grow organically within a company, however we’ve heard the need from the global community and decided to provide a solution. We found that by shipping our customers packaged agile and lean principles, automation, memes and ice cream sprinkles, companies can harness the power of DevOps for their organization. Today, we’re launching this new offering, DevOps in a Box or DiaB, as the world’s first easily shippable, transferable and instantaneous DevOps product.

To ensure that all our customers, no matter where they are located, can access DiaB, we will be distributing this new product via a first-of-its-kind Chef Automated Drone Delivery (CADD) system. With CADD, we are able to invade even the most personal spaces with DevOps. So get ready!

2017 is an exciting year for Chef. To learn more about DiaB and CADD, join us at ChefConf 2017 in Austin, May 22 – 24!

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Andy Paroff

Former Chef Employee