Announcing Chef for OpenStack Folsom

Today we officially announced “Chef for OpenStack” to help you rapidly create, bootstrap and manage OpenStack Folsom compute instances.

Chef for OpenStack provides a centralized, defined collection of code and best practices for using Chef to create and automate entire OpenStack infrastructures, as well as to launch entire application stacks on top of OpenStack clouds.

There is an Opscode cookbook for each of component of OpenStack Folsom including:

In addition, Matt Ray has updated the Knife command-line tool for easy management of OpenStack deployments.  Knife is compatible with all versions of OpenStack and has plugins for most public cloud providers

These cookbooks come from contributions from a number of OpenStack participants, with special thanks to Rackspace, Dell, DreamHost, HP.  In addition, Chef for OpenStack cookbooks will be published to the Intel CloudBuilders community, a cross-industry initiative aimed at making it easier to build, enhance, and operate cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to the many people that are working hard to make OpenStack a reality.

Jesse Robbins

Chef Co-Founder & Advisor