Chef for OpenStack in Boston and NYC

What better way to start 2013 than getting involved with Chef for OpenStack in Boston and New York City? We’ve got 3 free events and they’re all filling fast:

Want to get involved with the Chef for OpenStack project but not sure where to start? Interested in building out functionality not yet covered in the shared community cookbooks? We’ll be covering the current state, the roadmap and how to get involved. At the Hack Days we hope to tackle some new piece of functionality or a deep dive into the roadmap, content will be guided by attendees. At the Boston Meetup we’ll talk about new features in Chef 11 as well!

We hope to see you there!


Matt Ray

Matt is Chef's Manager/Solutions Architect for APAC. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. He's been with Chef for 6 years in a wide variety of roles including Director of Partner Integration most recently.