Chef Treks Through Europe Pt. I (London Cloud Summit)

As you all know, we already have a humming operation in Europe. Now, many of our stateside Chefs are about to embark on a true European adventure, beginning with the London Cloud Summit (LCS) on January 29th.

Our friends at Red Hat are putting on LCS and hosting our own Michael Ducy for his presentation, The Road to Hybrid Cloud is Paved with Automation,”2:30 pm GMT on the 29th, at The Bakery, 25 City Rd in London. The event is free, so register today and hear Michael detail how automation can help alleviate the pain of forklifting VMs between providers to achieve an automated hybrid cloud of any form. Other talks at LCS will look at what’s on tap for the cloud in 2014 and provide expert guidance in making the most of your cloud investment.

Need more reasons to attend? Joe Brockmeier, a member of Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards team and one of the organizers behind LCS, had this to say:

“The talks bring together folks who are in the field and actually doing work building out the technology. No sales pitches. There is a strong emphasis on open technologies. I’m looking forward to all of the talks, though I specifically sought out Donnie Berkholz for his take on the gulf between DevOps and Cloud. This is something you don’t hear much about – everyone assumes those things go hand-in-hand – so I hope that his talk will open some eyes.”

In other words, it’s going to be well worth your time.

LCS sets off our gallivanting through Europe. Along the way, we’ll have folks at Monki Gras, Jan. 30-31,then we’re co-organizing a Configuration Management Devroom at FOSDEM 2014, where Chef’s Sean O’Meara is speaking on “Configuration Management 101”, 11:00 am CET on Saturday, Feb. 1st. Michael Ducy is also speaking at FOSDEM in the Distributions Devroom on Cross-Distro Automation at 11:00 am CET on Sunday, Feb. 2nd. Joining Sean and Michael will be many Awesome Chefs from the Community giving rocking talks.

Want to #learnchef? We have 2-Day Trainings Jan. 30-31 in Amsterdam and February 5-6 in London.

After FOSDEM, we head to Gent, Belgium for CfgMgmtCamp, Feb. 3-4. Chef’s founder and creator Adam Jacob is keynoting at Noon CET on Feb. 3rd, while many of your friends from Chef are speaking in the main room.

And that’s still not all! It is however enough for this post.

We hope to see you at LCS next week in London. We’ll be posting more blogs in the next few days about the rest of our European “vacation”, so stay tuned…

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee