Chef in the Clouds Part I: AWS @ #ChefConf

As many of you know, AWS uses Chef as the default automation engine for its application management solution AWS Opsworks. We think that’s very cool and nice validation for Chef.

Chef is also the exclusive DevOps solution for Amazon’s Activate program. Together we’re helping start-ups build their businesses at warp speed in the AWS cloud – from day one.

But what gets us most excited is that our customers are having tons of success using Enterprise Chef to automate their AWS environments. Dynamite companies like Adobe, Prezi, Splunk, and Wanelo (among hundreds more) are all succeeding at scale with Chef and AWS. As Gabor Veszi, Infrastructure Lead, Prezi commented:

“We moved to Amazon EC2 for easy access to cheap compute, but managing infrastructure growth and accelerating application development requires talent. Chef is a force multiplier that makes our engineers and developers much more productive.”

Want to get under the covers of Chef + AWS? Check out John Martinez presenting on Adobe’s massive AWS infrastructure – automated completely with Chef – right here.

Need even more? Then be sure to register for #ChefConf today, and catch AWS’ Jonathan Weiss talking Chef, Opsworks, and more in “AWS Opsworks under the hood” at 3:15 pm on Thursday, April 17.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee