Chef Launches Policy-Based Provisioning

Company Delivers Industry’s First Policy-Based Orchestration for Automating the Creation and Management of Compute Resources in Data Centers and the Cloud

Chef to Demonstrate New Provisioning Capability at AWS re:Invent

SEATTLE & LAS VEGAS — November 12, 2014 — Today at AWS re:Invent, Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, introduced Chef provisioning, a powerful new capability for the orchestration of highly scalable compute resources. With Chef provisioning, developers and operations teams can orchestrate resources in any environment – including cloud instances, virtual machines, containers and physical servers – to meet all levels of workload and customer demand. Because Chef provisioning enables maximum control over the creation, management, and deployment of compute resources, enterprises can easily and securely migrate development, testing and production workloads to the cloud.

Chef provisioning fulfills the promise of infrastructure as code by using Chef recipes to describe policies and logic for dynamic resource provisioning. Automated provisioning with Chef is testable, repeatable and versionable.

Chef will demonstrate its new provisioning capability during AWS re:Invent, November 12-14. Chef Global Partner Evangelist Michael Ducy and Chef Developer Lead John Keiser will present “Ensuring success on AWS with Chef” on Thursday, November 13, at 1:15 pm PT, in Lando 4305, including a complete demonstration of Chef provisioning in an AWS environment.

News Highlights:

Chef provisioning helps companies manage the increasingly complex environments that occur at web-scale. Chef provisioning enables:

–        Dynamic, Policy-Based Orchestration: Chef provisioning allows Chef recipes to automate the creation and deployment of systems with interdependencies among resources and with constraints on the order of operations. Chef provisioning makes managing and maintaining complex systems fast, consistent, and reliable, both in the data center and the cloud. Because Chef can detect the state of a given resource or group of resources, Chef provisioning can automate A/B testing of infrastructure, canary testing of small deployments, and production environments that auto-scale based on load.

–        Highly Scalable Orchestration: Because it uses a distributed execution model, Chef provisioning is the most scalable orchestration solution available. It can manage thousands or tens of thousands of resources in parallel.

–        Test-Driven Infrastructure: Developers and operations teams can use Chef provisioningto test their systems and services at any point in the development cycle, across a wide range of scenarios from local virtual machines to complex hybrid environments spanning multiple data centers.

–        Maximum Flexibility: Chef provisioning manages infrastructure as code using Chef recipes. Chef recipes can orchestrate everything from development clusters to production resources. These recipes can control any environment – from Linux to Windows, AWS to Azure, VMware to Docker, and bare metal to hybrid clouds.

Chef provisioning, currently available as an open source release candidate, can be downloaded here as part of the Chef Development Kit (DK). Information on installing and using Chef provisioning can be found here.

Supporting Quotes:

“Chef provisioning ushers in the industry’s first policy-based orchestration capability for highly scalable infrastructure and applications. By enabling enterprises to orchestrate infrastructure in real-time, we’re giving them the power to deliver applications and services at web speed and scale.”

-Jay Wampold, vice president of marketing, Chef

Chef at AWS re:Invent:

  • Chef Partner Evangelist George Miranda will present “Taking a DevOps Approach to Security” with Paul Fisher, vice president of technology operations at Alert Logic, on Thursday, November 13, at 1:15 pm in Murano 3304.
  • Chef CTO and co-founder Adam Jacob will join Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels for “Founders Fireside Chats” on Thursday, November 13, at 2:15 pm in Titian 2306.
  • Chef is exhibiting at booth 506, including demos of how Chef can automate the migration of workloads into AWS and then orchestrate, provision, and manage the use and scaling of AWS resources with simple code commands.

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