Chef Management Console 1.20.0 Release

Manage 1.20.0 is now available from the Chef downloads site.

This release fixes the bug discovered in the previous 1.19.0 release. It is now possible to set the “`org_creation_enabled“` setting in manage.rb to turn off org creation from within Manage. For full details, see the Chef docs here.

While the primary driver of this release was to get out the fix described above, we rolled forward, so this release also includes a minor new feature. It is now possible to display messages on the sign-in page, using a new configuration option, “`sign_in_page_message“`. Full details on how to use this option can be found on the Chef docs here.

A full change log for this release can be found at

Thank you for using Chef.


Mark Mzyk

Mark is an engineering manager at Chef, having accepted the position after having been a long time software engineer at Chef. In his time at Chef he's contributed code to almost every single Chef product. Now code dominates his life less, but he gets the joy of helping others create code that has a positive impact.