Chef Reporting 1.3.0 Released

Hello Chefs,

I’m pleased to announce that Chef Reporting 1.3.0 is now available. This release includes an update to OpenSSL, a command to clean historical reporting data, and an update to the Erlang runtime.

### OpenSSL update

This release updates the bundled OpenSSL version inside Chef Reporting to 1.0.1m.

## Purging historical data

A `remove-partitions` command was added to `opscode-reporting-ctl`, which allows you to specify either a specific month, year, or date before which data shall be removed. These actions are not reversible, however there is a `–dryrun` parameter to see what actions will be taken.

– `opscode-reporting-ctl remove-partitions –month yyyy-mm`
– This will delete a specific month.
– `opscode-reporting-ctl remove-partitions –year yyyy`
– This will delete partitions of a given year.
– `opscode-reporting-ctl remove-partitions –before yyyy-mm`
– This will delete all partitions before a given year and month.

## Erlang Update

Erlang has been updated to `R16B03-1`, which allows the usage of SSL certificates signed with SHA384 signatures.

## Downloads

As always, the Chef Reporting packages may be obtained from our downloads page.

See you at ChefConf!

David Parfitt

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