Chef Server 12.4.0 Release Announcement Includes Security Updates

Ohai Chefs,

We’re pleased to announce that today we’ve released Chef Server 12.4.0.

We have updated the version of Ruby on Rails in oc-id to fix a number of posted CVEs.

Chef Server now has a Universe endpoint, which provides the same output as Supermarket or berkshelf-api universe endpoints. More details can be found here.

Server Admins is a list of users that that full permissions access on the users endpoint. You can add and remove users from the Server Admins list. This allows non-superusers to perform creation, deletion, editing, and listing on all users (except the superuser) in a Chef Server, granting great flexibility around user management. A separate blog post and documentation will be posted shortly.

We’ve implemented Chef Authentication Signing Protocol v1.3 (rfc065).

To see the full list of changes, visit the changelog.

The release can be downloaded at


David McCown