Chef Through a Partner’s Eyes

Two top Chef consultants take you on a lively tour of the Chef ecosystem

Thomas Heinen and Patrick Schaumburg work as consultants at the tecRacer Group (Hanover, Germany). tecRacer is a Chef partner and Thomas and Patrick have been using Chef in customer projects since 2016. They’re both actively involved in the further development of  the ecosystem. 

In an article for Admin – Network & Security magazine, Thomas and Patrick deliver a concise but comprehensive overview of Chef automation and value, starting with the basics such as terms and components. They then deliver an overview of how to use Chef, with practical examples and code snippets to explain how to write your first recipe and use attributes, plus a short introduction to policy files and their deployment. 

They also explore how Chef scales from single systems to complex cloud environments, and how the close involvement of Chef’s open-source community is a big advantage to any user, with features and bug fixes often integrated into official releases within a week. 

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tecRacer on Partnering with Chef

“We see our customers and suppliers as our partners,” says Thomas Heinen, Consultant, tecRacer. “Equal cooperation is a prerequisite for success. We’ve been a Chef principal partner since 2017 in the areas of consulting, reselling and training. Chef is a very good addition in the AWS environment, but also in purely on-premise environments. Thanks to our many years of experience in small and large projects, we know that Chef can be used ideally in all areas, but above all for compliance.” 

Chef Account Manager Denise Podnar adds, “tecRacer is a valuable partner with unique and useful solutions for their customers and the Chef community. They are a valued and respected part of our partner community and Progress!” 

About tecRacer

tecRacer was created in 1999 as the “iRacer” business unit of Herrlich & Ramuschkat GmbH. In 2006, tecRacer GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a separate company. Today they have 450 customers and have executed more than 1,500 projects worldwide. tecRacer is a longtime, respected Chef Principal Partner.

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To find a list of Chef-certified partners and to find out how to begin your partner journey, check out our partner page. 


Manasa C R

Manasa C R is a Marketing Partner Development Specialist at Progress