Chef Training Guides

Unable to make the 3-Day Chef Fundamentals Training in Austin, but still thirst for training on the use of Chef?

Let the Chef Wiki Guides quench your thirst!

You’ll find a number of “Walkthrough Guides” that take you step by step through the installation of 6 different common server stacks including:

  • Rails,
  • Java,
  • LAMP
  • and others.

With detailed documentation and an accompanying screencast, you can go at your own pace and learn how to use Chef for your environment – all while setting up multiple server stacks you can put to use.

There are also “How To Guides” available on:

  • Writing a Chef Cookbook,
  • Deploying OpenStack with Chef,
  • How to Proxy Chef Server with Apache,
  • and others.

And, following registration, we’ll be happy to send you the Open Training Materials for free.

We’ll be introducing more guides and related detail as we’re able to develop them – but do quench your immediate thirst, and check out the guides now to help you use Chef to manage your infrastructure.