Chef Training in Europe: Learn to harness the power of Chef with Commandemy

Edmund Haselwanter, Commandemy CEO
Edmund Haselwanter, Commandemy CEO

Chef offers many learning opportunities in Europe via training partners. One of these is Commandemy, an Austrian IT training provider specializing in topics like DevOps, Automation, and Configuration Management. They have a long relationship with Chef and have delivered our courses all over Europe, especially in the DACH region.

We had a chance to meet up with the Edmund Haselwanter, Commandemy CEO, at the last Chef Community Summit in London. We discussed how they approach teaching Chef and their experience with companies that are new to the Chef ecosystem.

Hands-on experience beats theory

Edmund emphasized that “attendees want to learn Chef hands-on” and his instructional approach puts the training focus on interactive experiences.

With the demand for Chef and other automation technologies on the rise, it is only natural that companies want to teach their employees how to use these new technologies effectively. “Investing in the skills of employees is a major concern for our customers” says Edmund. “They do not want to wake up one day and realize that they missed the opportunity to keep their company competitive”.

Commandemy has taught more than 40 Chef and other courses to over 350 attendees in 16 different cities in Europe. Edmund tells us that, no matter if the customer comes from Germany, Iceland or Israel, one demand is always the same: “Attendees want to learn Chef hands-on. They want to go through an intensive interactive course experience and then return to their workplace ready to use Chef. That is exactly what we give them.”

Be where the customer wants you to be

Commandemy has tried many ways of delivering Chef courses. However, one way seems to be the clear winner for Edmund: “We have the most success when we are on-site with the attendees. They can directly apply the learned material to their own projects and we are with them to answer all their questions. Sometimes it feels more like an interactive workshop than a training.”

Chef appreciates the expertise Edmund and his team bring to the delivery of Chef training courses and we are confident that all who attend one of their classes will learn quite a lot and have a positive experience.

Want to learn more about Commandemy? Check out their site here.

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