Chef Whips Up a Mediawiki LAMP Stack for You!

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, slathered with a rich load-balanced layer of Mediawiki on top… Mmmm yum, comfort food. Using our most excellent application and database cookbooks from the Quickstart series we build a 4-course, data-driven, LAMP Stack meal.

We’ve written it up and screencast a walk-through to help you learn Chef. We show you how to deploy modest but real and fully automated infrastructure complete with an haproxy load balancer, multiple app instances, and a separate MySQL instance – all on Amazon EC2 and in about 30 minutes.

With current best practices, the LAMP Quickstart shows great working examples of search, data bags, roles, dynamic configuration, abstracting functionality and integrating multiple nodes. Even if you went through the old LAMP stack web application guide, you may want to have a look at this new Quickstart as it is a complete rewrite.

For further or general help on chef, you can also check out Opscode Help, #chef on, or the Chef wiki for more help. Enjoy cooking!

Aaron Peterson

Former Chef Employee