#ChefConf 2014 Workshop Spotlight: Git and GitHub

We’re still rolling with our blog series highlighting each of the #ChefConf workshops and today we take a look at Peter Bell‘s two half-day workshops:

–        Git and GitHub Foundations

–        Intermediate and Advanced Git and GitHub Tips and Tricks

Peter is a contract member of the GitHub training team and is writing books on Git and GitHub for Pearson and O’Reilly. He also teaches a range of other technologies including Chef (of course), neo4j and MongoDB. Plus, he’s the founding CTO of Speak Geek – a company that helps business people more effectively hire and manage developers.

Git is of course the widely popular version control system, while GitHub makes it easier to collaborate on Git repositories.

The morning of Tuesday, April 15, Peter will teach the “Git and GitHub Foundations” class, which will dive into the basics of Git – from three stage thinking to how to use branching to keep projects under control. From there the class will look at how to share code on GitHub and collaborate via cloning, forking feature branches and pull requests. Then, that afternoon, he’ll run “Intermediate and Advanced Git and GitHub”, which will walk through how to fix almost anything with amend, reset, revert, rebase and even the magical reflog. The class will also review alternative workflows and best practices for collaboration using GitHub and Git.

Here’s some more color from Peter himself:

“Git is an amazing technology for collaboration. Git and Chef together are a perfect match and I’ve designed these classes to help folks get the most from both platforms. From basic, practical skills to some really advanced tricks for avoiding trouble, in these two classes we’ll cover all the bases.”

If you’re looking to make the most of Git/GitHub, this two-course program is for you. Register today!


Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee