ChefConf 2016 Spotlight: Microsoft Keynotes, Workshops & More

Microsoft and Chef have been long time partners and 2016 is no exception. Building on the recent announcement of how the MSN team is leveraging Chef to accelerate Azure adoption we’ve got a great line up of Microsoft content, keynote and workshops this year at ChefConf:


– [Workshop] (7/11) Tactical troubleshooting for Windows Server: Co-presented by both Microsoft and Chef engineers, this is a full day workshop to learn how to dynamically provision and manage Linux and Docker workloads with Chef on top of a Microsoft Azure infrastructure. [200 Level Material, Basic Chef experience expected]

– [Workshop] (7/11) Running Chef on Azure: This is a hands-on coding session aimed at technical practitioners who want to do more on the Azure platform with Chef. The workshop provides an introduction to Chef with a focus on Azure integration. We’ll address topics such as how to use Chef itself, how to manage Azure infrastructure within the Chef framework, and basic deployment scenarios.

– [Session] (7/12) Cheffing SharePoint: Join Naomi Reeves from Target as she tells the journey of implementing configuration management for SharePoint and the lessons learned along the way. You’ll learn how they combined technologies like Chef, PowerShell DSC, and SharePoint to improve product and how they approached the problems and constraints of a complex packaged software.

– [Session] (7/12) Building modern cloud applications on Azure – what it means for your DevOps practice: Join Boris Scholl as he shares how Microsoft is building an open cloud in Azure, where more than 1 in 4 virtual machines run Linux. In this session, he’ll share why we are betting on open source in the cloud, how they enable, integrate, release and contribute to it and why it’s important for your DevOps practices.

– [Keynote] (7/13) Microsoft’s Corey Sanders joins us on mainstage to talk all things Azure, Chef and DevOps.

If you made it this far, then you’ve gotten the full download on our extensive Microsoft menu for ChefConf. You’ll also be able to chat with Microsoft’s Azure experts on the Expo floor during the show where you can visit Channel 9 as DevOps expert interviews are streamed live from the Microsoft booth from 12-6PM on Tuesday.

Register today and we’ll see in you in Austin!

Justin Fenton

Former Chef Employee