ChefConf Session Spotlight – Chef & Compliance: DevOps gateway for the Health Care Enterprise

Continuing our series of ChefConf Session Spotlights, I’m pleased to introduce Odie Routh. Odie is a member of a Lean Engineering team at Optum, a health care technology company. He works remotely from Vermont, and focuses on promoting DevOps practices by collaborating across as many departments and disciplines throughout the enterprise as he can. He has worked with Chef for several years, and finds the Chef community to be one of the most significant professional motivators of his career.

Join Odie’s session at ChefConf to hear how to successfully use automation to apply regulatory requirements in large-scale environments.

Here’s an overview of the session:

As the technical arm of United Health Group, Optum operates as a large health care enterprise with a significant focus on security and compliance. With other industries being so nimble at adopting DevOps practices, the health care industry has been slower to see successful transformations. There are layers of regulatory requirements as well as an absolute expectation of data privacy and security. The health care enterprise focus on risk management instead of velocity has been a consistent barrier to change. One heavy contributor has been the misconception of DevOps and automated pipelines being in opposition to risk mitigation and adherence to regulatory compliance. Follow our journey as we have used some of the recent Chef feature growth in the compliance space to leap forward in getting our organization to reach for fast feedback loops, and a cultural transformation toward continuous delivery.

Get a jump start on this topic by visiting our Chef Compliance page. The “Compliance at Velocity” white paper is a great place to begin. You might also be interested in a complimentary Chef Compliance assessment – you’ll receive an easy-to-understand report that shows you any security issues you might have.

Stay tuned for many more session spotlights ahead of ChefConf 2016, July 11-13, in Austin, TX.

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Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee