ChefConf Workshop Spotlight: “Building A Self-Documenting Application: A Study in Chef and Compliance”

This is a guest blog from Kevin Gilpin, CTO @ Conjur, one of our many awesome ChefConf sponsors. Kevin and his team will also be leading a workshop on March 31, detailed in the following post.

When it comes to systems documentation for compliance or regulatory purposes, you can hear the engineers groan.  Writing code is fun, releasing code is fun, bringing up systems is fun.  Writing process documents is not fun.  Few wake up in the morning wanting to document compliance of IT and CI systems for the business.

So don’t!

The use of a highly automated reproducible CI system injects a level of quality to the software development, test and release process that has been well described.  The documentation of these systems is oft neglected, and the isolation and reduction of undocumented dependencies is not a typical area of attention.  The manufactured output is only as good as the process that creates it.  So the next natural step for automation is automating documentation- we bring you the self-documenting app!

In this informative ChefConf Workshop, Kevin Gilpin, Chris Farnham, and Dustin Collins from Conjur will teach you the benefits of using platforms like Chef, Docker, and Conjur to do a lot of the system documentation for you, plus we’ll show you a completely audited pipeline consisting of those already mentioned tools as well as the likes of Github, Jenkins and releasebot.

Have specific compliance controls you need to meet?  GCP, ISO, etc?  If so this workshop is for you as you will learn how to map a CI system and validate the output as “compliant and controlled”.  Make sure you don’t miss it – register today!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee