ChefDK 0.1.0 Released

Hello Chefs,

We’ve released ChefDK 0.1.0, a minor update to add some small features
and fix bugs based on the feedback you’ve given us since our first
release at ChefConf. We’ve also updated Berkshelf and Test Kitchen.

You can find packages on our downloads page.

Berkshelf Updates

Berkshelf is updated to 3.1.1. For a full list of changes in berkshelf,
see the changelog.
ChefDK itself has a few test fixes to work with the latest Berkshelf.

Test Kitchen Updates

ChefDK now includes the kitchen-vagrant driver by default. Other
drivers can be installed via chef gem. Additionally, Test Kitchen has
been updated to install drivers to the embedded ruby when using kitchen init.

verify Command Improvements:

Runs a set of smoke tests by default; Can independently run smoke,
unit and/or integration tests.

gem Command Improvements:

Gems now install in “user” mode by default, and are installed to
~/.chefdk/gem. Executables will be installed to
~/.chefdk/gem/ruby/2.1.0/bin. See the notes on the README
for more information about updating your environment to use ChefDK as
your primary Ruby development environment.

Improved Documentation

The README now has basic usage instructions for the chef command line
tool and documents how it interacts (or doesn’t) with other Ruby
development tools.

Added Tool

chef-vault is now a part of the default package.

Dan DeLeo