#ChefTalks: Target and on Cultural Change and Speed in Enterprise IT

A few months back at #ChefConf we had the opportunity to connect some very cool people for a series of “#ChefTalks: Kitchen Chats” on-site at the show.

In short, we put together smart people to discuss what’s really going on in IT, from driving organizational and cultural change to skill-building to new technology. The result: interesting perspectives from the front lines of web-scale IT and DevOps.

First up in this series, our friends Jeffrey Einhorn from Target and John Esser from cover a range of subjects:

“Automating Service Delivery” (empowering self-reliance)

“Implementing Meaningful Change” (in Enterprise IT)

“Are We Going Fast Enough?” (the eternal question…)

Check back soon for more #ChefTalks from Jez Humble, Rachel Chalmers, and other Awesome Chefs.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee