With New Chef Integration, Cloudmunch Offers up “Full Stack Continuous Delivery”

Earlier today our friends at Cloudmunch announced the launch of Cloudmunch Devops Platform, an exciting new continuous delivery platform with native integrations to both Github and Hosted Chef.

At Opscode, we think this ought to be compelling for Chef users for two reasons:

  • Approachable Continuous Delivery – If you’d rather spare yourself the trouble of stitching together a DevOps toolchain consisting of source control, integraton, build servers, configuration management, app deployment etc, work with Cloudmunch and it’s prebuilt integrations. Just drop in one link to your github repo and another to your Hosted Chef organization and be off to the races.
  • All Your Code – Cloudmunch makes it easy to run both your application code and your infrastructure code (ie, Chef cookbooks and recipes) through the same continuous delivery pipeline. They refer to this as “Full Stack Continuous Delivery”.

If you would like a sneak peek at the beta release of this exciting new platform, just drop us a line at the sign-up form.


Bryan Hale

Former Chef Employee