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If you’re in Los Angeles on Saturday August 6, will be offering Quick Start Cloud Automation with Amazon EC2 and Opscode Chef. If you’ve been using Amazon’s EC2 and are new to Chef, this session promises to provide an overview of the Opscode Chef platform and give you an introduction to using and extending Community cookbooks. Attendees will be guided through a hands-on example of a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack creation in a multi-server environment. Lessons learned can be easily applied to other technology stacks which support languages (i.e. Ruby, Python, and Java), webservers (i.e. lighttpd and nginx), and databases (i.e. Postgres).

Tickets are going fast, so sign up now!

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Matt Ray

Matt is Chef's Manager/Solutions Architect for APAC. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. He's been with Chef for 6 years in a wide variety of roles including Director of Partner Integration most recently.